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Na'an Chamori

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Who is Norbert Perez?

norbert01.gif a reknown lecturer and public speaker. He has delivered speeches and seminars to audiences in Germany, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Hawaii, California, Denver, New York and Washington, DC, on such diverse topics as: world peace, ancient Chamori culture, traditional massage therapies, Pacific Island languages, technology and computers, telecommunications, solar-electric cars, telepathy, telekinesis, and security in the 21st century, etc.

...Mr. Perez is the author of over 100 children's books on Chamori, Hawaiian, Maori, Samoan, and Tongan Legends & Myths and is the inventor of the Neutron Ray Emitter and the Laser Feedback Amplifier. He is the President of PUGUA' International Corporation, a technology and telecommunications consulting company. Additionally, he is the owner and publisher of Pacific Times Magazine, an online publication dedicated to the cultures, languages and traditions of the islands and Ms.George Magazine, a contemporary lifestyle webzine for the global American woman; plus Five other international magazines.

.....Mr. Perez is associated
with Go Smart Technologies, Inc. on the design, fabrication, production and marketing of the 1st Electric-Solar Transport Vehicle. He is presently in Washington DC to promote a new Homeland Security Program using telepathy and telekinesis. 1993, Mr. Perez designed and launched the NP2000, the first Chamoru language translator softwave. This phonetic-based program became the prototype for 50+ Languages and emerged as part of the Native Tongue Language Series, a Worldwide Chamori Network.

.....aside from his activities with PUGUA' International, Pacific Times and Ms. George Magazines, Mr. Perez is the founder and president of the Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation, an Hawai'i based, non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and facilitating the repatriation of the ancient Chamori remains and sacred artifacts from Hawaii, California, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, London, France and museums throughout the world.
.....for additional information, please contact: Ms. Lynn Cruz of PUGUA' International, Washington DC Office @ (202) 239-6103.


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